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Personalized giveaways are a great way to brand your name and market your product. Personalize your guest requests with their name or monogram!
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Live Embroidery Events

We help you create fantastic events by bringing our team and machines to your venue. On-site embroidery stitching is an unforgettable, unique, and interactive experience that will help your customers remember your brand through their personalized gift for years to come.

Rates for On-Site Live Embroidery Event

We would be happy to create a rate quote that fits your event. Use the form on the right or contact via email All event including drive/transportation, setup times, digitizing system and a machine.

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We have been doing it for years, and our experience makes the difference when working under quick-turn circumstances onsite. We use the latest machinery while using experienced embroidery machine operators from our factory staff, unlike other companies who hire temporary labor for events. This helps us achieve the highest output per hour and minimize order processing errors (correct spelling, requested font/color, accurate placement – no crooked embroideries, etc.)

We can typically output 20 – 30 embroidery initials per hour per machine. For example, a 3-hour event with 150 guests typically requires two machines, operators, and admin staff to manage the inflow of orders to avoid confusion and order mismatch.

We may authorize extra hours at the event for an additional cost accordingly.

Yes, our machines include up to 6 font choices (see below), and we can also include up to 8 thread colors.

We can bring a digitizing system with a respective digitizer to type names/initials on the fly with a choice of 100s of fonts (can provide you with a PDF of available fonts upon request)

Yes, we can screenprint, create patches, or direct embroider logos onto products such as hats, tote bags, apparel, etc. pre-event and add your guests’ initials during the event (say on the side or back of the hat, etc).

Yes, we can bring heat presses to apply all kinds of patches, heat transfer prints, and rhinestone designs that can be customized pre-event (we usually need 3-4 weeks to prep unless we use generic patches).

We usually charge half the rate for commute and setup time, especially when traveling outside our West Coast hub.

$2500 for one machine, one operator, and one event.

We can provide custom pricing for your event if you provide the information in the Jot Form on this page.