Live Embroidery Events

Personalizes giveaways is a great way to brand your name and market your product. People love custom embroidered products on the spot!

Fast On-Site Embroidery Stitching

We help you create fantastic events by bringing our team and machines to your venue. On-site embroidery stitching is an unforgettable, unique, and interactive experience that will help your customers remember your brand through their personalized gift for years to come.

  • Embroidery on-site, for ANY size event: brand activations, trade show, corporate event, festival, party.
  • Personalized request for each guest of what they want to be embroidered on their gift/ garment (usually their name)
  • We can provide gifts for you from a huge selection ranging from tote-bags and towels to hats and shirts.
  • Embroidery speed per request is as fast as 30 seconds

Rates for On-Site Live Embroidery Event

We would be happy to create a rate quote that fits your event. Use the form on the right or contact via email

All event including drive/transportation, setup times, digitizing system and a machine.